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Friday, July 25

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AnoHana Marriott Hall 4, Marriott Marquis & Marina Kamisama Kiss Marriott Hall 5, Marriott Marquis & Marina Psychic Squad Marriott Hall 6, Marriott Marquis & Marina Cartoon Network: Uncle Grandpa & Clarence Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Comic-Con How-To: Anatomy of a Fight Scene, Part One Room 2 From Fan to Creator: Making the Dream a Reality Room 23ABC Gender in Comics Room 4 Inside The Big Bang Theory Writers' Room Ballroom 20 Marvel: Spider-Verse Room 6DE Publishers Weekly: Behind the Digital Line Room 28DE Spotlight on Neal Adams Room 9 Star Wars Origami Room 7AB Vengeance & Villains Room 32AB VIZ Animation Featuring Neon Alley Room 25ABC Will Eisner: Teacher and Mentor Room 29A Comic-Con Film School 102: Production Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina Zombie Dice Room 15AB Academy of Art University Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review The Black Panel Room 5AB Relic Knights Room 15AB Wiggity Bang Games Room 15AB Wings of Glory WW II Room 15AB LEGO Systems, Inc. Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Revolution Comics Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review FANBOY: Free Play Room 16B Krosmaster: Arena Beginners Constructed Tournament Room 16A The Shadow of WestMinster Room 15AB Athena Finger Sails Pavilion - Autographs Candace Bailey Sails Pavilion - Autographs Chris Warner Sails Pavilion - Autographs Eric Hennig & Brittney Alger Sails Pavilion - Autographs Former WWE Superstars Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jason Williams Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jeff Tucker Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jeffrey Breslauer Sails Pavilion - Autographs Kathy Coleman Sails Pavilion - Autographs Kathy Garver Sails Pavilion - Autographs Lee Meriwether Sails Pavilion - Autographs Linda Blair Sails Pavilion - Autographs Marilyn Ghigliotti Sails Pavilion - Autographs Meghan Ashley Sails Pavilion - Autographs Mikey Reid Sails Pavilion - Autographs Noel Guglielmi Sails Pavilion - Autographs Penelope Sudrow Sails Pavilion - Autographs Philip Cable Sails Pavilion - Autographs Richard Hatch Sails Pavilion - Autographs Ruben Najera Sails Pavilion - Autographs S.S. Wilson Sails Pavilion - Autographs Trina Parks Sails Pavilion - Autographs Arch Enemy Entertainment Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Nickelodeon Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Nickelodeon Artist Program Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Petrol Advertising Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Walt Disney Animation Studios Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Whatnot Entertainment, Inc. Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Magic: The Gathering - Sealed from Standard Packs Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina Yu-Gi-Oh!: Battle Pack Sealed Deck Room 16A Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist League Room 16A Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel the Konami Judge Room 16A USAopoly Room 15AB Committed Comics Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Cryptozoic Entertainment Room 15AB Pokémon - League play Room 14AB Pokémon - Learn how to play! Room 14AB Pokémon - Side events Room 14AB

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Convincing Hand and Facial Expressions Room 30CDE Cosplay Makeup 101 Room 29A Heads Will Roll! Assassin's Creed Unity Demo and Q&A Room 6BCF June Brigman: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Marvel's Power Pack Room 9 LGBT Comics for Young Readers Room 28DE Spotlight on Brian K. Vaughan Room 25ABC Spotlight on Mark Brooks: A Day in the Life of Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Artist Room 4 Star Wars: A New Dawn Room 7AB Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Action Figure Revue Room 23ABC The Character of Music Room 32AB Pathfinder Role Playing Game Demo Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Pokémon - Unlimited 'Mutant' Tournament Room 14AB D&D: Dungeon Command Learn to Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D: Learn to Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D: Lords of Waterdeep Learn to Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D: The Adventure Continues Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina FANBOY: Tournament Signups/Warm Ups Room 16B Flames of War Room 15AB My Little Pony: CCG - Meet & Beat the Dev Team Room 15AB Cartoon Network Studios Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Magic: The Gathering - 2-Headed Giant Sealed Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina SD TEKKEN Tournaments: Ultra Street Fighter IV Room 17AB Krosmaster: Arena Constructed Tournament Room 16A Pathfinder Society Organized Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Star Wars: Takeover at Whisper Base Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Super Dungeon Explore Room 15AB Yu-Gi-Oh!: Win-A-Mat Room 16A Firefly RPG Room 15AB

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[adult swim]: Mike Tyson Mysteries Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Battlefield Hardline: A Visceral World of Crime and Revenge Room 5AB Comics Arts Conference Session #8: Who Created Batman? Room 26AB Secret Origins: How the Industry's Best and Brightest Began Room 8 The Witty Women of Steampunk Room 24ABC 101 Ways to Kill a Man Sails Pavilion - Autographs Bryan Lee O'Malley Sails Pavilion - Autographs Costume Designers Guild Sails Pavilion - Autographs Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar Sails Pavilion - Autographs Rina Piccolo Sails Pavilion - Autographs Gravity Falls Sails Pavilion - Autographs eigoMANGA Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailing Award Videos Room 18 The Hillywood Show Sails Pavilion - Autographs Welcome to Night Vale Sails Pavilion - Autographs April Wahlin Sails Pavilion - Autographs Camden Toy Sails Pavilion - Autographs Cas Anvar Sails Pavilion - Autographs Clare Kramer Sails Pavilion - Autographs Eric Millegan Sails Pavilion - Autographs Herber Jefferson, Jr. Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jason Faunt Sails Pavilion - Autographs Kevin Sorbo Sails Pavilion - Autographs Lara Parker Sails Pavilion - Autographs Larry Nemecek Sails Pavilion - Autographs Larry Thomas Sails Pavilion - Autographs Nicholas Brendon Sails Pavilion - Autographs Nick Palma Sails Pavilion - Autographs Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition Sails Pavilion - Autographs Rana McAnear Sails Pavilion - Autographs Raphael Sbarge Sails Pavilion - Autographs Reggie Bannister and Gigi Bannister Sails Pavilion - Autographs Stephen Costantino Sails Pavilion - Autographs Taimak Guarriello Sails Pavilion - Autographs Capstone Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Cloud Imperium Games Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Smorgasbord Productions Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review

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