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Saturday, July 26

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Kamisama Kiss Marriott Hall 5, Marriott Marquis & Marina Kekkaishi Marriott Hall 4, Marriott Marquis & Marina Psychic Squad Marriott Hall 6, Marriott Marquis & Marina The Simpsons Ballroom 20 Art & Comic Book Art Room 29A Cartoon Network: Steven Universe Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Comic-Con How-To: Establishing Shot Room 2 DC Comics-Batman 75 Too Tough Trivia: Riddle Me This! Room 6DE Diversity in Genre Lit Room 7AB Drawn & Quarterly Jeopardy Room 4 IDW: Summer Blockbusters! Room 28DE Phineas and Ferb Room 6A The Production Designer: Architect of Imagination Room 23ABC Why Not Serious? Comedy vs. Drama in Animation Room 9 Writers Unite: Writing and Pitching Comic Stories Room 25ABC Comic-Con Film School 103: Working with Actors and a Crew Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina Zombie Dice Room 15AB Academy of Art University Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Warner Bros. Pictures Hall H Relic Knights Room 15AB Wiggity Bang Games Room 15AB X-Wing Room 15AB PLAYBACK: Featuring The Simpsons, Warner Brothers, and Once Upon A Time The Playback Room, Omni Hotel, 4th Floor Ballroom FANBOY: Free Play Room 16B Eric Millegan Sails Pavilion - Autographs The Shadow of WestMinster Room 15AB Athena Finger Sails Pavilion - Autographs Camden Toy Sails Pavilion - Autographs Cas Anvar Sails Pavilion - Autographs Chris Warner Sails Pavilion - Autographs Eric Hennig & Brittney Alger Sails Pavilion - Autographs Erin Gray Sails Pavilion - Autographs Former WWE Superstars Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jason Williams Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jasper Cole Sails Pavilion - Autographs Kathy Coleman Sails Pavilion - Autographs Kathy Garver Sails Pavilion - Autographs Linda Blair Sails Pavilion - Autographs Marilyn Ghigliotti Sails Pavilion - Autographs Meghan Ashley Sails Pavilion - Autographs Mikey Reid Sails Pavilion - Autographs Mindy Sterling Sails Pavilion - Autographs Nick Palma Sails Pavilion - Autographs Noel Guglielmi Sails Pavilion - Autographs Philip Cable Sails Pavilion - Autographs Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition Sails Pavilion - Autographs Richard Hatch Sails Pavilion - Autographs Ruben Najera Sails Pavilion - Autographs Arch Enemy Entertainment Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Lucasfilm Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Nickelodeon Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Nickelodeon Artist Program Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Petrol Advertising Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Titan Comics Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Whatnot Entertainment, Inc. Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Magic: The Gathering - Standard Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina Yu-Gi-Oh!: Battle Pack Sealed Deck Room 16A Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist League Room 16A Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel the Konami Judge Room 16A USAopoly Room 15AB Cryptozoic Entertainment Room 15AB Pokémon - League play Room 14AB Pokémon - Learn how to play! Room 14AB Pokémon - Side events Room 14AB

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American Dad Ballroom 20 Benoît Peeters: Architects of the Obscure Cities Part 1 Room 4 Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect Room 25ABC DC Comics: New Places for Familiar Faces Room 6DE Endgame Room 7AB Lost Podcast and Beyond Room 29A Spotlight on Lucy Knisley Room 28DE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Room 23ABC The Awesomes: A Hulu Original Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront The Oni Press Comicstravaganza: All Cats Go to Purgatory! Room 9 Traditional Art Training Online Room 30CDE Funding and Making Your Own Indie Movies from YouTube to the Big Screen Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina Pathfinder Role Playing Game Demo Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Pokémon - Video Game Tournament: Double Battle (X and Y games only; Sanctioned) Room 14AB Comics Arts Conference Session #12: Poster Session Room 26AB Sherrilyn Kenyon Sails Pavilion - Autographs Battletech Room 15AB D&D: Dungeon Command Learn to Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D: Learn to Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D: Lords of Waterdeep Learn to Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D: The Adventure Continues Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina FANBOY: Tournament Signups/Warm Ups Room 16B My Little Pony: CCG - Meet & Beat the Dev Team Room 15AB Super Dungeon Explore Room 15AB Magic: The Gathering - 2-Headed Giant Sealed Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina SD TEKKEN Tournaments: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Room 17AB Star Wars: Takeover at Whisper Base Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Pathfinder Society Organized Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Yu-Gi-Oh!: Win-A-Mat Room 16A Firefly RPG Room 15AB

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